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The unabashed color palette of chartreuse and turquise proved telling of Tracy and Brad's wedding.  The word chartreuse is as fun rolling off the tongue, as it is to see in new growth in the forest or to wear on a swishy party dress - or to try to spell!  And turquoise, well, that's just a stand-out color screaming I Will Not be a Wallflower!
The Boswell wedding was both stand-out and fun with a beach BBQ preceding the sunset nuptials at the family summer home with RV's parked in the driveway.  Except, when one gets married on the East side of Kootenay Lake, there are few places to prep.  A bride might find herself slipping into her gown in a sketchy little motel alongside a 3-Little Pigs wall clock and decorative swan.  Thus, ramping up the fun quotient that much more!
Enjoy Tracy's prep; more to come of their wedding.