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kootenay wedding photographer; working on tonight

This is developing into true love.
I do have an affinity for the others.  Families, children, commercial work.  Like a little heart-shaped sachet in my drawer, enriching my life with sweet aroma.
But when the drawer is closed, it's possible to forget the scent.
In contrast, Bridal Portraits leave their imprint.  [Portraits of bridal couple on date, other than wedding ie: week after, holiday | destination, honeymoon, anniversary, re-commitment ceremony, just because, gift etc]
Learning about the couple helps us collaborate on look and location.  Without having to be concerned about a wedding itinerary, we have time to dedicate to our creative pursuit.  We have mind space and geographic space to change locations unencumbered by wedding venue.   The couple blesses me with a great amount of creative control.  And, for the budget-conscious bride, it costs less than wedding coverage.  Win!
Now to spread the word.
And wait until you see more of Robyn and Matt's Bridal Portraits, married this summer.  You will be in love as well!