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eight is enough

baby girl cameron

isaak - far left, eldest
snack attack
Brad & Lynette are the kind of admirable parents that let their kids be kids.  They share their minivan with four boys, one baby girl and a hyperactive dog.  Since eight would have been more than enough for our ambitious plans, we let the dog sit this one out.  I met the Cranbrook family at the ferry dock, their side of Kootenay Bay, where their beautiful waterfront vacation home had just reached completion.  So nice, in fact, I felt like asking if they need a live-in nanny.
I was delighted to see the adorable family tumble out of the van in coordinating stripes, vests and toques.   Attention to wardrobe helps elevate ones imagery -and relate subjects - as evidenced by Lynette's family.  She has great taste, also demonstrated in her online shop Polka Dot Pond, which specializes in eco-friendly items for young families. 
We frolicked at the beach, scaled some hay bales, threw some rocks and built towers with wooden blocks on a summer-like October day.  And on the ferry-ride home, I had to smile with the thought that "work" brought me out on such a sunny trip on the water to meet such a delightful family.
Yeah right!