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kootenay wedding photographer; Nk'Mip bridal portraits

Bridal Portraits from her perspective:
Tonight, I donned my wedding dress (it still fits after 11 years, '3 kids'!) and 'headed' out into the Osoyoos desert ... 'for bridal portraits'. I got honked at, received several congratulations, many many stares and a little girl said I was pretty. I feel like a princess.  - Kristen
FRESH bridal portraits offer you another day to be BRIDE, whether it be a few days or 11 years' post-wedding! The separate and dedicated date allow for generosity of time, creativity and location changes.  Or - if you're like Kris - you may wish to cut off the cap-sleeves you weren't so fond of first-time around.  
FRESH has offered the option of Bridal Portraits in response to wedding clients' date and budget conflicts. We regret having to inform eager brides that we are booked for their date and we fully respect budgets.  Bridal Portraits is a way to work together, regardless of constraints by calendar or coin-purse.
The added benefit is stress reduction on one's wedding day, allowing couples to focus on each other and their guests.  Gift certificates also make for unique gift options [anniversary, Christmas].
Special thanks to the picturesque Nk'Mip Resort for hosting.