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apple-picking & picket fences, meow!

Backyard shenanigans with one of my favorite families.
You know those times when you have a plan?  And then the plan doesn't materialize for one reason or another?   And then the thing that wasn't your plan, actually works out better than your plan?  Yeah, that was this session.
We weren't meant to shoot in the yard.  But that was before I spotted the apple tree, and the picket fence, and witnessed little Simon running around his familiar surroundings all while the family cat kept watch.  We deemed it to be good, just where we were, and stayed put.  [As much "staying-put" as a two year old allows.]
More of mama's maternity session - where we did venture past the yard - coming up!  And yes, apples are ripe, pumpkins are ripe and baby's just about ripe now too;)