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baby it's cold outside '11

ribbon backdrop for Baby It's Cold Outside; kids portrait event
[without dresser] white | ivory colors w/ distressed barnwood floor
We were in Spokane for a family weekend of hotel pool swimming [aka hot-tubbing for mom], pumpkin-spice latte sipping and shopping.  Although the American Thanksgiving is still forthcoming, that doesn't stop retailers from starting up on Christmas.  We saw Santas with surfboards, Santa toilet-seat covers and naked Santas in bubble-baths.  Besides these images, I also heard a disturbing stat about spending.  The former reminding me of the latter.
We need not worry about the debt crisis, apparently, or Occupy ____  fill-in-the-blank, because American's found it in their wallets to spend 3.5 million on Halloween costumes this year.
For their pets.
Yep, crisis averted.  Still, maybe worth considering a simple Christmas this year.  A few beautiful captures to adorn your walls and fulfill your Christmas to-buy-for list.  
[New dresser filling in as model for the Baby It's Cold Outside event.  Consider it your "YOU ARE HERE" sign.]  
Thank you to West Kootenay Family magazine and Delicious Baby & Toddler for your sponsorship. 
And for your listening pleasure:
And yes, it was cold outside, but not nearly as cold as our little mountain town where it is snowing.  Again!