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candice & her boys in blue

My camera has a crush on this family!
Candice and her boys in blue had such a great attitude about their FRESH family session. Candice was well prepared in styling her already beautiful family, choosing one dominant color - blue - accented with neutrals gray and black.
I admit, when I first learned about her 5yr old twin boys, I was a little scared.  I pictured 2 of my hyper-active Ryder's, unable to sit still.  Ever.  And I may have hesitated at their door.
But if I've learned anything from teaching high school, it's that people - like dogs - smell fear.  I've also learned to walk right up to the door of fear, turn the handle, and pass right on through to the other side.
It's just how I want to live.
And when I walked through the door of Candice's home, I walked straight into the warm embraces, smiles and cuteness of two preppy-clothed little gentlemen.  One of which invited me back with a "Come back soon now!"
Melt. my. heart.  Such is the reward of taking on challenges: adventure, experience, love.
Lucien and Isaiah continued to be liberal with their kisses for mama and hugs for dad, even as the weather turned chilly.  This family was so cute, in fact, that it could not be contained to one post.  So, more to come from this, simply stunning family.