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the sweetest thing

This - is the sweetest thing.  
The first official snow-day for a mountain resort town is pretty special.  Nothing beats the blanket of snow  covering - fallen leaves, yet to be raked, tired gardens and hopeful peaks - and resting in the evergreen's outstretched arms. Nothing.
And while mama intended an autumn shoot, this adventurous family embraced snow's early arrival with open arms.  Carole was skiing until the end of her pregnancy with first-born, Jasmine [first FRESHmaternity session HERE] and Justin is in the industry.  Justin is so sweet and tender towards his "girls" - which you can see by the way he looks at them both - and especially accommodating considering he was up working the night before our shoot.  Thank you Justin!
And Carole was not only adventurous with skiing, but also in scheduling her maternity shoots.  She was only 2wks away from her dates with both her first and now second sessions.  And yes, she is a gorgeous mama with a delicate little bump - stay tuned for a mini-maternity session up next.  Also sweet are Jasmine's floral coat with coordinating hat, her bunny that made a special appearance, and the beautiful French language that flows out of that lovely little child's mouth!
UPDATE - Congratulations Carole, Justin and Jasmine on your baby GIRL!
Chloe Ariel - 8lbs 7 oz.  Adore your choice of names.