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taxidermy bridals III & team

The final installment of the Taxidermy Bridals.   Bam!  
Please visit the premiere post HERE and also HERE to follow the story-line.  Thanks to all the fans who helped our team celebrate at the Rock Cut the other night.  I was a little intimidated with the crowd and probably explained less of the process than I should have.  It's not everyday that people dress in vintage wedding dresses, accessorized by taxidermy art and artifacts, and hang out in an outdoor living-room, scale mountains and make movies about it all.  
One visitor expressed that she wished we would have offered a Q&A.  If you have questions, please check out the previous posts first and use the comments section below.  I'll do my best to explain the madness that is the creative process.  And if you have questions for any of the other artists, I'd be happy to pass it along.  Thanks for your overwhelming support!
And another awe-some Ben Olsen video:
Shine Salon from ben olsen on Vimeo.

Please visit our professional partners in crime:
Photography - FRESH Photography
Styling - FRESH Photography
Cinematography - Ben Olsen
Cakery - Sweet Dreams Cakery
Hair Stylist - Stephanie of Shine Salon
Makeup Artist - Makeup by Emily Kjelshus
Mixed Media Artist, Assistant - Joey Conundrum
Models -  Lisa, Sam, Tamer
Furniture - Trail's Treasure Chest