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jack . walter; soccer & squeezes

My family met Jack's family the first year we attempted organized sport for our kids, soccer. It was pretty hilarious watching 2yr olds run after a ball, pass to the other team and abandon the ball to pick flowers.  It was also one of the last, for Ryder;)
Emily, can you believe our little boys on the soccer field are already six year old's?  Reading and learning and going to full-day school.  They warned me that it goes fast, but one can never fully appreciate the rate at which time passes until they raise a living measuring-stick.
Thanks for all the sweet dimpled grins Jack and Walter, and for the reminder of precious family.  Just days before their Baby it's Cold Outside; kids' portrait session, their dad was in a 10-car accident that wrote off their vehicle.  Gratefully, he walked away and was even there to help with our session.  But just that quickly, everything could have been different.
Give your loved ones a squeeze today!