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levi . jude

How I adore a handsome family in stripes! 
I loved spending time with Kevin [sometimes-FRESH-assistant] and lovely wife Tiffany, Jude 2 and baby Levi, 2 1/2weeks.  And not just because they're such a good-looking family!  They are humble, self-sacrificing, and don't speak about themselves except when asked, pointedly.
And then there's Tiff's smile.
Despite life being a little crazy uncertain for this family [just sold their house, moved, will move again and again in the near future], they hold onto the things that are eternal and their boys that make them smile.  There is Jude, chatty but serious in nature, who played with Kevin's childhood truck and caught onto the "picture-candy" rather quickly.  And there is squishy baby Levi, who only closed his eyes with mama's hand-knit cap on his head.
Now leave them some love to bring more smiles to their faces!