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mixed tape; behind scenes film

Hello world, this is photo-shoot-day me, stripped down, sans mascara and sporting a giant smile on the day of our Taxidermy-styled Bridals shoot.  Despite my awkwardness in front of the camera,  I'm loving the fact that you're getting "in" on our process and can see some of the behind-the-scenes. You get to see, for instance, how involved Joey was, the artist behind the phenomenal bridal pieces.   How interactive and collaborative our shoot is.  And how there is laughter, shared.
There is so much more to be said for our styled sessions, like partners that make us look good, like months of research and prop collection, like juggling schedules and hauling heavy furniture.  But at the end of it all, how storylines and context and beauty all comes together and seems somehow effortless "like throwing on vintage dresses" and voila!  
Of course, it is a passion.  That might play a teensy-weensie role.
Please see right hand side of the FRESH blog for more awesome films to watch by passionate newbie film-maker Ben Olsen.  Like what you see?  20|12 FRESH brides, please inquire about Ben's cinematography for your amazing day!  Ben is partnering with FRESH to offer multi-media wedding films like you've never seen before.  You know, like, FRESH;)