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beauty school; ms l*

 * body language ahead

Ms L's stunning captures will make likely make the following comments null and void for a few, but that makes the comments and Ms L's journey, as a wife and mother, worth sharing - to my predominantly female audience - all the more.
Women struggle.
We let our minds bully our bodies and we don't always see our own beauty.  In her own words:

I ... consider[ed] cancelling last minute...  Yes there are days when I feel pretty, but there are days when beauty is not even an option ... when I look in the mirror.  I [focus on] the blemish on my face, bruise on my arm, stretchmarks on my body ... Then I remind myself that I have been in front of your lens before and the result ... gave me a different confidence in myself.  
I discovered [what] will be my mantra for today: 
My body is not ruined.  
I am simply a tiger that has earned her stripes! 
So I put my nervous, flawed, excited self in your hands and [let the make-up artist], Photoshop and your amazing talent do their magic.  

To which I respond:  Thank you for the honor of your trust.
Thank you for pushing past your fear to a place of courage.
Thank you for showing us that we are not alone.
Thank you for inspiring me, Ms L.
And Photoshop only works on butts and thighs and skin and waistlines [unnecessarily so]; and not on beauty.  If you know Ms L, please help keep her Valentine's secret, and get her to show you the lovely frames - and some of my favorite - that aren't shown here.
Not everyone respects the art as it should be respected.. In that light, and in response to the former Victoria's Secret model, that recently stepped away from the public to save her body for her husband and honor her convictions, I edited the post.  Read her story HERE.
What do you think of her decision?
photographer: FRESH Photography
makeup artist: Makeup by Emily Kjelshus
venue: Sweet Dreams Heritage Inn