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my view from vancouver

What is wrong with this picture?
It won't be evident except for northerners anywhere but the West Coast but this is what Vancouver looks like at Christmas.  Moss-covered pavers, colored leaves, birds, bare trees atop tall buildings and sailboats and scarves on the beach. And, a rare thing for me to behold, a sunrise.
Some of my favorite views?  There's my mama and I at the bridge we fell off on bike and toddler seat in Central Park when I was 3.  All these years, she thought I was scream-crying about falling into 3 inches of water, when I was really upset about the scary looking stranger-man [all men were scary to me as a child - I'm working on it!] coming to our rescue.
And that's childhood Katie-bestie & her English lovelies after an altogether-too-late-but-precious-reunion at English Bay where Kate & I used to buy bagels and look for boys.  My daughter took an instant shining to little 3yo H and spoke in her best Charlie & Lola voice, that is to say, English accent for the rest of the day.
I love friends.