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This adorable little family is moving!
They are headed back to the island in time for cherry blossoms and spring showers while it is currently snowing here. And so it is that Grace and Sophie will grow up next to the ocean, flying kites and wearing rain - rather than snow - boots.
While it saddens me to see their sweetness leave our town, I wish all the best to a lovely little family with great big love! This was their generous response:
Oh Carmen
Thank you so much for the beautiful photos. We LOVE them!! The colours just pop! The girls look fabulous. I, myself, have always been cursed with lack of photogenicity (is that a word?). I think you may have touched up a few of my pics!
It makes my heart sad to think that you won't be close to take more beautiful pictures of us as the children grow.
If you ever come to the Island ... I would love to have you do another session with our family. Really, no kidding!! Bring the kids...stay in our suite.
Thank you so much for your artful, creative, colourful, life-filled pictures of my precious family. I am so very grateful. Many will hang on the walls of our new home and each time I look at them I will smile!