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baby love; lachlan

3wks early.  6lbs and 6 days old.
2 cats and 2 babies in 16mos and mama is back to her pre-pregnancy weight.
I love this RCMP family!  I've been photographing them since older sister Finley's arrival [not so long ago] and I am once again amazed at mama's calm demeanor.  Dad has also held up well, despite having baby poop up his uniform sleeve [after first image.]
This shoot is a little different for me, using darker elements and embracing shadow.  I am trying not to let style hinder what I shoot.  Does that make sense?  Anyways, let me know what you think.
Love your name 'Lachlan'; he's destined to be one cool dude with that one!  And don't you think he looks just like his older sister in the top right?