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rust & big 'ol letters; farm chicks '12

My girl and I hit the Farm Chicks, Spokane again. I bring the chick - city girl with affinity for old stuff - she brings the farm - with her love of all things cowgirl!  While I spent a grand total of $37, the visual eye-candy and inspiration were priceless.  [I bought a big red R for Ryder's room, a metal O - just because it was cool, a mason jar pump for hand-soap, card-making supplies for my girl, and a rusty old tool box.  Also photographed, recent acquisitions of floral painting and baby shoes.]
I'm loving on industrial these days, and the FC didn't disappoint with grand and  gorgeous garage-inspired pieces I dream about incorporating into my kitchen reno.  But there was truly something for every lover of patina.
We didn't move very quickly, with every 3rd vendor asking to take my girl's photo.  She was decked out in hat, braids, floral dress, denim and dusty boots.  And she strut around the place like it was home.  So cute; so love that girl!
Farm Chicks vendors: please visit FRESH's post on Facebook HERE to tag your booth!