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lizzie; grad | senior portraits II

We had some fun with Gonzaga Prep 2013 grad | senior Elizabeth's namesake.  Lizzie B was named after the character of Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice.  Described as: ...the most intelligent and quick-witted, Elizabeth is the protagonist of P&P and one of the most well-known female characters in English literature. Her admirable qualities are numerous—she is lovely, clever, and, in a novel defined by dialogue, she converses as brilliantly as anyone. Her honesty, virtue, and lively wit enable her to rise above the nonsense and bad behavior that pervade her class-bound ... society. source
I heard no mention, but this well-rounded, lovely and charming woman is sure to gain the attention of  a few Mr Darcy's!
She hardly knew how to suppose that she could be an object of admiration to so great a man
 - but that's just how she rolls!
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