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sharon & kevin I; vancouver wedding photographer

"Sharon & Kevin's wedding was just like So & So's." 
- said no one. Ever.
You know when your shoe-addicted, tatt'ed graphic artist-bride sends you an inspiration board of teal, red & gold wedding colors, that you are in for something truly special. It also eases things when you and your client nearly show up to the consultation in the same outfit. And when the ceremony is a Vancouver arts studio and the reception a little French Bistro.
Yeah, that helps too.
Whitney and I documented their wedding prep, just the two of them in their cozy loft. And while I think I could have shot there all day - it was that adorable - stay tuned for a wedding itinerary that boasts welcome tattoos, a wedding guest craft, glitter heels and the most adorable teeny-tiny food with gorgeous presentation.  It has reaffirmed my choice to seek out real-life charm, design-savvy personality and warm whimsy over the most luxe generic wedding.
I am in love with Sharon and Kevin's wedding and feel blessed to have found each other!  There will be several chapters ... and a film; it's too painful to narrow it down.  Let me know what you think so far.