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sharon & kevin stop-motionesque

These creatives met online.  And soon after, they commemorated their dedication NOT to marry with matching tattoos. Soft-spoken Sharon & Kevin are artful, they are inspiring, they are awe-some!
Hand-in-hand and within walking distance from their own loft, they broke their vow with hand-written wedding vows at the ridiculously cute "Collage Collage" arts' studio.  Their itinerary boasted welcome tattoos, a wedding guest craft, glitter heels and the most adorable teeny-tiny food with gorgeous presentation. Of. course.
[Sharon is the genius designer behind Hoot Creative and Kevin is a musician and teacher.]
Their intimate reception at Les Faux Bourgeois bistro included fabulous French food, friends and a little photobooth fun.  Just when you think you've had the most fantastic time ...
... toss in sprinkles!
Although tentative to post my first attempt at a stop-motion-esque short, it's one of my favorite couples, so how could I not?   While shooting sequences throughout their day, I didn't know for certain that the "film"  would be a vertical orientation until the sprinkles came into play.  Sprinkles make everything better.
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