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trillium raspberry, grapefruit & lime; kootenays commercial photographer

Where air night wash and long leaves cover me; 
Where tides of grass break into foam flowers,
Or where the wind's feet shine along the sea. 
- Algernon Charles Swinburne 
Birdbaths, barn-wood and baby bathtubs.  Sea sponges and moss.  And nests, ruffles and denim inspired this second Trillium post.  The luxury spa products are produced and sold at L'Boutique, Nelson and throughout Western Canada.  I loved shooting the pretty, fragrant, indulgent products with script-y packaging.
Although there are were no products specifically made for babies, I cast chubby little Nevay - with porcelain skin and baby-bird hair - to reflect the wholesome, organic and feminine line. She drew quite a crowd for the cutesy "baby bathtub scene".   We had been shooting at the front windows of L'Boutique on Market day when the doors flooded open to women oohing and ahhing.   We also turned around to crowds taking pictures through the window.  By their reaction alone, I think we can count her first modelling job a success!  
Thank you to Tobias for allowing me to turn her shop upside-down for the afternoon.  To baby Nevay and mom Erica.  To model Aeja, who works at L'Boutique and moonlights as a pastry chef.  I could not have worked with a better foody!  What a great way to spend the day.
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lovely models - Aeja & Nevay