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little bean; baby shower

Reva & Becky were such great hosts for the Bean's baby shower.  Baby boy Dovey was yet to appear, so the shower for mama Juliana was gender neutral awesome-ness.  While it was supposed to take place in the garden, at Sweet Dreams Heritage Inn, weather forced us inside for a while.
I also love spending time in Reva's heritage home filled with light, whimsical art, and great style.  And with co-host Becky, a pastry chef, the dessert table was in good hands.  There were florals, a cute-as-a-button cake, french macarons, and strawberry shortcake.
Congratulations Chad & Juliana, on your precious Bean, Dovey.  I look forward to meeting him and see his hipster style evolve;)
Since this shower, tattooed beauty Madison is also showing with her 3rd and dear J&M have adopted a baby boy, a surprise playmate for Dovey.  What a blessing these babes are!