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miss olivia; kootenays baby photographer

Little Miss Olivia.
8 days young, bossing me around in studio, and jumping the cue like a diva.  That and the baby tutu.  Next thing you know she'll be sending back her milk for a different temperature.  
Tepid, not warm.   
Good thing she is a stunning little thing and first-time mama and dad - formerly FRESHwedd - are good with the doting.  Really, she is stunning.  With caramel-creme skin, pink cheeks and delicate rosy lips, Olivia will surely continue to get her way.  And although the tiny dancer didn't feel up to a recital - at the wee 8 days that she was - she could not have been more adorable.   
She also found her thumb for the first time.   Awwwww, we say, in unison.