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amanda . zack; kootenays wedding photographer

Amanda and Zack's was a trampoline jumping, aisle dancing, bear crashing, slurpee making, swinging, merry-go-rounding, motorcycle riding, kind of wedding.
You know, standard.
Their color-filled affair refers not only to the teal and brilliant florals but their absolute love for life, net resulting in fun friends and a wedding to remember.  I especially love how they shared their first communion, a symbol that God would serve as the cornerstone of their marriage.
Beautiful Amanda, a lifeguard and nursing student, holds a special place in my heart as one of our early babysitters, helping fill the void of family far-away.  It was pretty fantastic shadowing her on her wedding day as she jumped on the trampoline in her wedding dress before the ceremony, danced down the aisle to her groom, was unphased when a bear interrupted the ceremony, played at the park with her party and was dipped by Zack, her new husband, as a grand finale. Husband, Amanda.  You're married!

photographer - FRESH Photography
assistant - Colin Payne
make-up artist - Make-up by Emily Kjelshus
ceremony - Birchbank Park, Trail
pastor - Kent Maddigan
reception - Riverbelle, Trail
cake - Sweet Dreams Heritage Inn & Cakery