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6 Reasons to book a session:
#1 it is fall
#2 and fall is pretty
#3 you love someone
#4 mama needs a new Facebook profile
#5 people change but family doesn't - well - not often
#6 your kids won't know your face this young if you don't get in front of the camera

I love that in the case of Ann and Kristen, it is mom that has the nose piercing and blue glasses.  I can certainly see where Kristen gets her spunk.   Hers was one of the first families we met our first winter in Rossland.  We had moved with two small children, no jobs, a home to renovate and snow up to the eaves of our house.  And we didn't know anyone.
Well, Kristen quickly changed that.
I was told to seek out this young mom who opened her home to people just walking down the street.
I found her.
Her and her crazy-organized clothing swaps and themed parties.  And while our kids have shared teachers, we've shared walks and some stories over tea.  And I can say with certainly that she and Ann are truly vivacious, colorful women.