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cristina . court; kootenay wedding photographer

Such a pretty ceremony, such pretty people!

Cristina and Court's wedding of apple green, cantaloupe, and ivory included many personal details and nods to their personal and cultural heritage. The mother-of-the-bride's lace was lovingly sewn into the hem of Cristina's gown. She also paid homage to her mother's Filippino heritage with the veil & cord ritual - symbolizing the joining of the couple - and the coin ritual (aka Arras) - symbolizing blessings on the marriage. St. Anthony's was the chosen ceremony location for the Catholic couple who appreciate its' simple beauty.

Their reception at The Colombo was chosen based on its historic significance in the Italian community and its personal history, being the site of the groom's parents' wedding decades prior.

These are just the kind of people that Cristina and Court are. The kind that regard each other, their family and their in-laws with respect and honor.  They are definitely a couple who prioritize marriage over wedding.   Blessings as you begin your married adventures in Prince George!

assistants Emilee Zaitsoff, Jacob Jamin