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madison's party of 5; FRESH lifestyle photographer

These guys make looking good appear so effortless.  Even a week after having baby Luna.
Home birth.
Complete with new lamps.
Apparently nesting, Madison felt the strong inclination for improved lighting.  Minutes before labor, out they went to pick out lamps.  Very important to a peaceful home-birth;)  And sure enough,  Madison birthed her 3rd baby under moonlight - hence her name, Luna Butterfly Florence -  that very night.  Talk about good lighting.
This couple is such an inspiration.  Not only are they a really pretty, young family, but they have chosen the peaceful parenting route.  Meaning, in short, I have never heard them raise their voice to their kids.  Ever.
Such an honor to stand, sit, kneel and ugly-squat behind the lens when these beauties are on the other side.  More of little LuLu to come.