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male elephant; it's personal

So this little blog went from family-diary-with-photos to photos-without-family.  Thinking about adding the family back in since they're, like, my life.  For all that think I'm doing this on my own, the hubs just has a no-posting policy, so I can't take the credit.
There is an amazing male elephant in the room.
Take a group of young, rowdy male elephants.  I don't know, at the zoo or a reserve or something.  I'm talking problem elephants with attitudes and girth.  I imagine the inner-city high-schoolers whom I used to teach poetry.  Sometimes they just didn't want to learn iambic pentameter.
Apparently all the young elephants need is a mature male.  When one experienced guy is introduced to the herd, he need not trumpet, nor stomp his feet, nor flail his trunk.  All he needs to do is be in the presence of the young rowdies and he calms the collective.
Which explains why I'm no longer teaching high school.
And why I like it when daddy's home to send the kids off to school.
Male elephant; everyone should have one.