love & lifestyle photography

preparations; gild lumberjackie styled shoot

Ben and Candice elope in the mountains.

There is little that is typical about this couple.  He has an afro.  She is 6' tall. They like nature, leisurely breakfasts and shared adventures.   Preferably leisurely breakfasts out of doors.

Ben and Candice have left their possessions, professions and support system in Australia in exchange for winter in an A-frame cabin in the woods.  That is their story.

Ours was inspired by plaid, woodgrain and vintage lace.  And if Ben and Candice were to marry again, this - they claim - is how they would do it.  How awesome that we all found each other!  Bonus - the cabin is for sale!  Please visit my partners and share our shoot, if you are so inclined.  More beautiful chapters to follow.

waiting - post I - HERE
model - Candice Soya
photography - FRESH Photography
wardrobe - Small Town Frocks (skirt), + private collection + Dear Pony
accessories - Carmen West Creative
make-up artist - Lisa Frisk Esthetics & Make-up
hair - Leah Lindgrun, Aria - Art of Hair
coordinator - Wink Wink Events
florals - Bellaflora
styling - Lisa Frisk - LF Esthetics, Carmen Adams - FRESH, Jessica Westerlund - Wink Wink, Kyla Jakovickas - Bellaflora, Becky Gilhula - Sweet Dreams
location - Rossland Log Cabin
cake - Sweet Dreams Heritage Cakery
film - Luma Lab Films
- assistant James Klemmensen