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love thy neighbors; mr cleve II

I was late in photographing my widowed neighbor Mr Cleve - see first post HERE.  His daughter passed away from cancer before I got around to it. I suppose it's a lesson for all of us.  That life passes by.  
That's real.  
And for some reason, real is what I'm all about lately.  
Maybe it's maturity or a phase or mind-shift, but documenting things and people and spaces as they are is most intriguing all of a sudden.  Even if it's cluttered or shadowed or otherwise forgotten.
I've retired the styled mentality for now, or at least put it on a shelf, in favor of what is real what is now what is life.
And erring on the side of caution, I don't think I'll share the car flying story.  Even more through my photo-journalism, Mr. Cleve has earned my respect.  I think I'll keep that one to myself ... and smile.