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Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God.
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Similar to intro and extrovert, I think most of us are a combination.  It's rare that people fit neatly into boxes. And when we do, it's probably for lack of understanding.  
Either ours or there's. 
I would have claimed to have been ~95% city, Vancouver born & bred, true.  But that was before I fully experienced and embraced the beauty of a more rural life.  It was just a place I visited; I never dreamed of staying.  The same could probably be said of those who haven't given themselves over to city-life. Where buildings tower like old growth forests.
There is such beauty offered by our environment, no matter where that may be.  
When I moved to the mountains, I saw striking beauty everywhere.  I drank in nature's friendliness and hospitality.
And yet, when I revisit the city, I am shocked by it's loveliness.  
Are you living where you would choose?  And what's your ratio?
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