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project: bigger-than-me

In the chaotic tide of shooting, downloading, and editing last summer's glorious weddings - the prettiest season yet -  I got an email that made the stunning lace gowns, elaborate decor and fine foods pale in comparison.  And this coming from the curator of a wedding website.
I like taking pretty pictures of pretty things.  No doubt.   But months earlier, I had accepted a photo & design challenge that had nothing to do with the world of well orchestrated weddings.  I was to photograph a couple and document their lives - people who didn't really like having their picture taken -  all in 3 pages.  Again, the entirety of their lives, in 1-2-3 pages!
 I felt the magnitude of the project from the onset. How could I reflect the kindness of this couple, or the infectious quality of her laugh? The project was also of a sensitive nature, out of my field of expertise, and I couldn't exactly post to Facebook for help.   Despite all of this, the couple seemed to think I might have something to offer.
The project I was about to embark upon would both elevate and reaffirm the absolute importance of photography in my life ... and the lives of others. The couple were hoping to adopt a baby.
A timeline was in place, and with a previous portfolio sent out, their self-imposed deadline was drawing near.  The couple - who are awesome and adventurous and generous and become fast friends with everyone they meet (they are just those rare kind of people) - decided to try something new, bringing me on board their very private journey.  With a new photo session and design in place, they submitted an updated portfolio.
And waited.
Meanwhile, summer came.  And with summer, a more frantic pace involving weddings and holidays and my children's birthdays. It was during this chaos that I was brought-to-my-knees by an email.  The couple were welcoming a baby boy into their family with all of a days' notice.  There were tears and chills and disbelief, and that was just on my end.
The sweet mama wrote:  [we] both feel the photos you did helped bring [our baby] to us. Meanwhile, I could not have been more humbled that I would get to play the smallest of parts in something so grand, affirming and life-altering.
With light and love, I introduce their beautiful family.

And I would be keen to document yours!