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instagram has my heart; friday iphone fix

My name is Carmen and I'm happily an Instagram addict.
I've recently joined the IG community and am amazed by its impact in such a short time.  I've been a photographer for decades and have had a camera-phone on me for years, but the inspirational imagery, 365 projects and lovely words in my Instagram community have really helped me see the beauty in the everyday.
And these are not just words.
I can't seem to get enough of simple objects bathed in light.  Feathers, a deer head, or a plate of cookies on a doilie have never looked lovelier.  Landscapes - which I never cared to document before - make me see my surroundings differently.
And I'm making friends - like, real friends - with shadow.
I "follow" both #fatmumslim  and #projectlife 365 - a photo a day - projects and contribute when I feel like I have something to share.  The result?  Wherever life takes me, from new business cards to kids' events, I feel challenged to document it in an artful way.
With this weeks tornado ripping through Oklahoma and an accident in my family, I feel as though I need to re-focus.  We rarely recognize something's value until it's lost.  Like OK's recovery of  family photos 250 miles away.  I want to be the kind of person that pauses, reflects and recognizes these near-misses, rather than one who simply glosses over them.  I want to tell my big brother - who not only loves me but adores my children - just how thankful we all are that he is still in our lives.  That his niece needed to pray for him one-more-time before she could sleep.  This is the good stuff of life.
Yes, I get caught up in needless numbers (new Instagram "followers") but there is a clear up-side.  I love to be inspired and fill my days with beauty.  A constant stream of pretty pictures makes me feel more connected to you all and makes my days a little brighter.  Slowing down and recognizing what I have in front of me is golden.  Thank you for that, this week in particular, dear Instagram.
Please pop bye and say hello @freshphoto.  I'd love to see what your life looks like!
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