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meet tahnee; the refinery magazine

Meet Tahnee (rhymes with Renee.)
She likes flowers and hand-bound journals and kept help but shiver in spring.  She has a great accent, a nice collection of scarves, charming smile and shivers for good reason.  She's an Aussie.
Tahnee daily walked by Celsia Florist, in her neighborhood, thinking someday I would like to work there.  When she and her husband determined - after visiting - that they weren't ready to leave Vancouver, Tahnee walked through the door of the awesome brick building. And stayed, both in Vancouver and working for Celsia.
She is also a new writer for The Refinery Magazine, for which I had the pleasure of shooting Tahnee's vendor profile.  Together we walked Vancouver streets, allowing ourselves to gravitate towards beauty and play with color.  I love this girl and this mag; check us all out, won't you?
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