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market FRESH; quirky notecards

Market FRESH; quirky notecards.
Known for it's uncommon photography, FRESH Photography - published in magazines such as Weddingbells, Real Weddings, Artful Blogging and Lemonade and Lenses - has launched modern and multi-purpose note cards.  The FRESH designs both feature and follow in step with its' photography, which boasts the tagline: Photography for Fun People.  There are no standard "Happy Birthday" and "Congratulations" in the bunch, but a simple statement associated with quirky cover image.  The  images, which are both iphone and professional captures, are meant to be informal and fun for all occasions.
For instance, a resin deer-head image with the inset caption "oh deer" could be used both to substitute  "get better soon" or, as in, "oh deer" I think I've fallen for you.  Former literature teacher and current photographer Carmen, invite the public to engage with their cards.  

breathings of your heart.  
William Wordsworth 
Besides deer and other on-trend imagery, there is an ampersand image which is captioned " __ & __" for individuals to literally fill-in-the-blanks.  As in "you & me" or more inspired versions, such as, "peanut butter & jelly".  The options are endless, just as FRESH intended.
The artist describes herself as "Raising a family & living a simple life in the Kootenay mountains, BC.  Enjoying twinkle lights & typography, old things & new coffeeshops, and a cidar-over-wine kind of girl.
The modernist cards - made with 100% recycled paper - may be purchased at $3.50 ea or 2 for $6.50 

>> Trail Market tomorrow, Friday June 7th, 10-2 at the river Esplanade
>> Rossland Market, Columbia Ave, this August
>> soon-to-be online at the FRESH Photography site:  
The artist invites wholesale inquiries.