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welcome quinn; kootenay baby photographer

Lips, a coif and a pair of lungs.
Quinn is becoming well acquainted with nature including a river rock, hand-made heated floor (pictured here) and plenty of nature walks in the middle of the night (not pictured here; I am sleeping!)
He is the month-old darling of our neighborhood friends.  They are the kind that thank you for sharing your precocious - read bossy - 9yr old who invites herself over regularly. (PS - I adore Miss Bossy Pants and thank our neighbors for loving her as well.) They are the kind that ask you about the incidentals of your day when they have dealt with bed-rest for 4 months. They are the kind that handpick the rocks to inlay their floor symbolizing their mutual respect for the environment.
And they are just plain kind.
We couldn't be happier to welcome Quinn to the neighborhood.  Naturally, we are smitten!