love & lifestyle photography

becky & her boys; family photographer

Live as children of light... Eph 5:8

Books at the beach with a beauty & her boys.  Even the dog, Bentley, is a boy!
I love revisiting client families.
Becky & I go further back, a throwback to my teaching days when it was teenagers we were herding. She has a gentle English accent, some great tattoos and I'm pretty sure her 7 year old has a better vocabulary than me.  This sweet family is testimony to the fact that ordeals sometimes preceed the family photo-shoot.  I seem to remember a bit of a parking fiasco for out last session in White Rock - where mama also envisioned the family barefoot in the ocen - when it turned out to be a coats-on, windy-enough-for-kites kind of day. (But her images are serene and website-worthy.)   And this time, dad had a severe allergic reaction that inflated his head like a balloon.  (I'll save you from back-tracking, he was back to his handsome self for our afternoon session.)
Yet we proceed despite imperfection and embrace this adventure, Life.
Life with teenagers, Life with small children, Life when the light isn't perfect and there is blood on your shirt.
And we walk away with wall-art
and sweet valley corn
and memories,
always memories.