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baby brodyn; kootenays family photographer

Warning: Those subject to baby-hunger should avoid this post and most especially those cheeks.
Too late?   Me too.
Blame it on Chunky Monkey, the nickname week old Brodyn was affectionately deemed.  I'd love to say I worked hard for this.  Buuuut, he did all the work  sleep.
I've been saving my vintage doll pram (ala Farm Chicks, Spokane find) for such an occasion and have gained much baby-whispering experience along the way.   But again, props to Chunky Monkey for the professional sleeper and newborn model he proved to be.  We did a short lifestyle and studio session.  This is the latter, which I've been dying to share.
I think he looks delicious in houndstooth and avaitor knitted cap. Nom nom. Please throw a Facebook like or comment if baby Brodyn made you smile.