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josee's family; christina lake vacation portraits

Josee's darling family came all the way from Alberta to enjoy a vacay and portrait session at Christina Lake.  And I'm so happy they did as these beauties quickly became one of my favorite families.  Mom carefully styled their wardrobe, dad hauled chairs off the dock and the girls were so sweet I found it hard to stay on the opposite side of the camera.
I went away well hugged!  The feelings are mutual girls; I adore you Jorja, Janine and Jensen.
And have you seen that image - top right - take a moment to look at lovely Jorja . It's got to be one of my favorite child portraits, ever.  Intense eyes, a delicate braid, white eyelet, an innocent gaze and rippling water to frame.
Smiles can be over-rated.
My 10 year old came to assist, and even though she was supposed to be holding the reflector for mama, she ended up in the lake.  So hard to get good work these days;)  All the while, the little girls totally cooperated for the camera.  So. rare.  I hardly knew what to do with myself!
There we were, tucked up to the mountains, warm water to dip our toes off the wharf and splash each other on a carefree summer's eve.  Pretty special stuff.
But fall is coming and that means autumn family sessions.  Think chunky sweaters, crispy leaves and picnics on plaid blankets. That's not bad either.