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kayla & aaron's engagement; kootenays wedding photographer

A man and his Mustang.  
Fuzzy dice and a dog.
A boy a girl and a ring.
On top of the world at sunset.

It's not too often that we get daylight - to - darkness on one shoot.  But our dusk session gave Kayla, Aaron & I everything we needed to play on an awesome autumn eve.  I appreciate how the low light  illuminated just the lines of the Mustang as well as their leather jackets.  And that sparkly ring, catching the light, makes everything look better (see on gauge, in leaves, on Mustang logo - above.)

Kayla and Aaron just just emanate cool.  They are getting married next summer in beautiful Crawford Bay and I get to be a part of that coolness as well.  Kayla is from the US so many of her guests will be experiencing the Kootenays for the first time.  I don't think she'll disappoint!