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kelsey's family farm; kootenay photographer

When Kelsey invited me to her in-laws property outside Nelson, where her husband Adam was raised, I didn't know I would be visiting a century-old stone cottage on a hobby farm nestled lake-front in the Selkirk mountains.   I didn't know I was going to step inside some parallel universe where autumn fog dips down so low your fingertips can reach the sky. Where you don't mind being hemmed into a land of sustenance-living because it's so darn pretty with it's mossy split-rail fencing, abundant garden and beautiful barn-light.  There's is a land of Odd Fellows entertainment resulting from Grandma messing with the eggs so that chickens think they are ducks and geese think they are chickens.  And everywhere you turn there are unlikely friendships being forged from togetherness.
I didn't expect any of it; I just wore Bogs for the farm.
But the beauty of this place changed me.  It made me slow down physically - when I had to let the giant black bear cross the dirt road ahead of me - and spiritually - when I had to thank the Creator for the feast of this view.
I often feel as though I was meant to move to the Kootenays (from the GVRD) years ago to learn life-lessons.  I'm pretty sure one of which is to appreciate the beauty of nature.  I used to just visit nature like it was a distant relative.  You know it's always there but you see each other infrequently.  And it was always a bit of a process to relax enough to enjoy each other's company.  Although I often still find nature a little cold for my delicate sensibilities, I am learning to put on the wool socks and deal.
I'm thankful to Kelsey & Adams for inviting me to this magical place.  How fortunate they are to have this property to always bring the family -  she with the auburn curls, he with the great dimples and the sweet son with the bluest eyes - "home".

Including frames from my drive, which is always part of the experience!  Some of my clients request the "environmental portraits" to showcase their family session in its fullest.  I like these kinds;)