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lindsey . jesse; FRESH's most expressive 1st look

Lindsey and Jesse's 1920's Gatsby-inspired getting ready and their St Eugene's Resort ceremony boasts FRESH's most expressive yet!  There were hands-over-mouth, hands-in-mouth, winks, nods, high-fives, curtsies & celebratory cheering to commemorate their outdoor ceremony.  First-looks, whether they occur during or pre-ceremony, are just plain awesome.  (And this was just a pre-cursor to what we would later see on the dance floor!)

The autumn leaves and Virginia Creeper complimented the couple's eggplant and gold color scheme and set an unreal backdrop for their day.  I don't know if I've ever seen St Eugene's Resort so radiant!  From the fall foliage to the jewel toned accouterments - the berries, florals, gold Chiavari chairs & ruby runner - the day seemed perfectly choreographed.  She definitely put on her pretty for this one!  And thank you Lindsey and Jesse, for showing us who you are!  More to come of their stunning day. (Scroll down to see their balloons as a GIF - you know, if you're into that kinda thing.  Apparently I am since I can't stop making them! - scroll some more)

FRESH Photography
Stephanie Moore Milne - Associate Photographer
St Eugene's Resort - Venue, Caterer
Judy @ St Eugene's - Coordinator
Alfred Sung - Gown
Zara - Bridal shoes
Alexandra Bain - Makeup Artist
Jessica Robinson - Hair stylist