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This guy.

One part Curious George - see cheeks, above, - one part Sears model - see tree image.  While it's been fun playing in the studio with mini's, I also long to get outside and crunch some leaves.  These beautiful people invited me to play for a full session one autumn evening when the light was gold and the air was crisp.  The kind of weather that begs for apple crisp made fresh with apples from your friends tree. (Thank you for the apples Becky, and for letting us on the grounds of Sweet Dreams Heritage Inn for some of these!)

Natalie did an amazing job styling her family with colors that would set them apart from - but also complement - the fall leaves. Besides a great sense of style, she hand-knit little Owen's grey sweater, and did not scream expletives when she stepped in a ripe pile of bear scat beneath those pretty leaves.  She's a treasure and her family is really really likable!