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ms c's beauty school; boudoir

My ambition is selfish, really. 
 I want to be there when you change your mind ... 
... about yourself.

I've written a bit about the topic of Beauty School.  First HERE when I wrote a feature negating the term "boudoir" for Lemonade & Lenses magazine.  And more recently, the Forgive Me, I've Lied to You post HERE - inspired by Sue Bryce - where I acknowledged my own insecurities about beauty. 

The recurring theme is that we women tend to struggle.  Whether we need to see ourselves differently for the first time or the forty-first time, we need to see that we are inherently beautiful.  That there is a light that shines.  Ironically, we seem to recognize the light easily in others.  

Take Ms C for instance.   She's radiant after marriage and kids.  If you know her well, women, have her show you the leather-bound album gifted to her husband.  I share with each Beauty School; Boudoir client that, although they may be inspired to gift their husbands, the biggest gift will be to oneself.

The smiles and tears and head's held high seem to confirm the gift.  GIFT Certificates available for - or from - your man.  But we now know who it's really for;)