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newborn baby S

Baby girl S was my first newborn of 2014.  And she had hair! I was stoked because having studio space in a warm cozy heritage building means I can now host all the new babies I can find.  Please help me find the babies; all the babies!  As a child I wanted to be a baby-nurse, that is until I found out there was more involved than baby-snuggles.
I got to test drive my new natural gnarly bowl - which you find perched on my coffee-table when not housing newborns. This precious newbie liked to know what was going on, keeping her eyes open as much as possible, preferring a smooth sway to rhythmic bump and barely pooping on anything!

>> FRESH Baby Plan <<
- document the precious first months of baby
- discount sessions should include same subjects ie: baby or baby + parent but do not large family units 

>> 20% OFF for 2nd session within 1yr
>> 40% OFF for 3rd session within 1yr
>>> extra 5% discount for paying up front

Some highlights: 
maternity - recommended for ~7mos
newborn - highly recommended within first 14 days
baby shower 
6 mos - or able to sit
1 yr - birthday session 
first year album of FRESH captures