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Brother & sister embrace on the bear skin that once held their father as an infant.  Bare toes, holding hands, sweet hugs and family history.  This bear carries tradition and healing and memory and comfort from one house to another, one province to another.   It's arms and legs extending like roots and branches of their family tree.

The Story of The Bear - from Madison, mother
When Harlan - the father - was a baby, he was very sick and had to spend a lot of time in the hospital due to seizures. His Mosom  - Grandpa, in Cree - was a powerful medicine man.  He went hunting and asked a bear for his life to save his Grandson.  He made Harlan this bear skin. He put medicine on the bear's fur and brought it to the hospital for Harlan to sleep in. 
The baby recovered and went home. Even when Harlan was home, however, he continued to sleep and eat on it daily. There is even a worn spot where he used to put his head every night. Now we have the bear as a protector of our family.
It's a perfect time to share a story about his Mosom as well since it's been a year since he passed and this weekend we will be going to Saskatchewan for a memorial round dance (Drummers, singers, dancing feast) in honour of his Mosom, Clifford Sanderson.