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secret marriage proposal in park; sukhvir & manat engaged!

scouting - left & date marker - right
She said "I love you" first.  He proposed forever.
I love the way he is holding her here in the last frame.
Sukhvir came out of province to propose to his girlfriend in BC, where they met.   We scouted the area the day before, until he found the right fit in Gyro Park, Trail with a gorgeous mountain and river-view. He packed a fresh picnic on plush blanket and had went back to his car while I hung out in the bushes with a long lens.  At the car he secured a card to a remote control drone and flew it overhead to their picnic spot.
With reserve, Manat approached the drone, read the card and Sukhvir was soon there on bended knee and oversized candy Ring Pop in hand.
Sukhvir definately showed his humor, thoughtfulness and ingenuity with his proposal.  Also his good taste, as his fiancee Manat is lovely as is her shiny new ring.  He shared with me that he is dedicated to doing everything he can to make her happy.
And the boy even brought me wine.  What a keeper!  All the very best Sukhvir and Manat.  I'm thrilled I could play a teensy-weensy role in this great day.