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accident; ripples on dark waters

A community is in mourning.
It's little and artsy and immersed in it's natural surroundings, not unlike my own current town of Rossland, BC.  And although I don't know the families of the 4 young people from the tragic canoeing accident on Slocan Lake this weekend, my family has been standing on shores looking for answers from the ripples on dark waters, just like the New Denver families.
It was nearly two decades ago that we got news of a scuba-diving accident.  Again, 4 young people went out for some adventure on the water but only one came back.
I didn't know him.
Instead, I watched my family and my church family struggle with the loss of my cousin and my Pastor's son in different ways.  My brother - who was supposed to have been with them - seemed to have a death-wish, driving his motorcycle with even more abandon.  Out of the two families I knew, one funeral had a coffin, one did not.  One family was vocal, one was not.  But everyone was annoyed at the news media camped out on the shores at Wycliffe Park, West Vancouver, looking for answers from lost people.
The day that I lost my vivacious, Jeep-driving, surfer-blonde cousin was the day we all became mortal. Andy was more alive than most people ever live.  He kept his hair long and his Jeep top off.  He wanted to work with youth and no one could have imagined him gone.
But despite our despair, he is the one who never had to grow old and wrinkled, or yell at wayward children.  He is perpetually young and beautiful and 23.  I wish for peace for the families of the victims and answers from above.  After looking for them myself, I can attest that they are not to be found in the ripples on dark waters.