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a rare cameo; kootenays grad photographer

My Grandma Mary had a coral cameo ring that she wore for special occasions.  
Every time I saw my tiny Grandma, the ivory and coral oval adorned her purple-veined hands.  
It only occurs to me now that I must have been the special occasion.  - Carmen of FRESH

Cameo is every bit as gorgeous and unique as her name.
She is one of those seemingly genetically modified humans that's athletic, artistic, musical, feminine and tough all wrapped into one lovely pierced and tattooed package.  She's probably really smart too, but I didn't throw her any skill-testing questions.
We did do everything else though, including cap 'n gown, snowboard on chairlift, guitar on beach, forest and architecture in that killer dress that her equally-skilled mother made. She made the gown.  Every intricate layer of cream, beige and beautifully edged blush. Complete with adorable lace shorts.
Originally from a farm in Alberta, Cameo is graduating from Rossland's Ski & Snowboard Academy via SelfDesign through Rossland's Seven Summits School.
She proved herself tough enough to keep shooting through storm clouds, into the rain, and out the other side.  Only to be rewarded with sunshine.
I didn't need any more reward than spending time getting to know this lovely human with great personal style.  Interestingly enough, one of her tattoos symbolizes not blending in.  But when you're a Cameo, aren't you designed to 'stand out' like a silhouette etched out of ivory?
Just like Grandma Mary's ring.
More of our session to follow.