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ball games & a protection plan for baby esme; kootenays baby photographer

Nutter brothers and a new baby.  
That's a preschooler, a toddler and a newborn in this house.  And a whole lotta cute. 
Biggest brother Simon predicted he was having a sister all along.  So baby girl Esme was a surprise to everyone but him.  He holds her proudly and wants to cuddle often.  Middle brother Oliver gets very excited about baby as well.  But he does for laser guns and green suckers too, so who knows.
Their hectic home made for some good fun and colorful captures.  Each of their baby quilts - handmade by their parents - was displayed on the couch.
Sharing birth order with this little one, I predict that this girl has some ball-games to watch, fights to mediate and a serious protection plan in place with two big brothers.